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Import vehicles

⇒ You can easily add new vehicles using a XLSX file.
Just download the XLSX file template, fill in the vehicle data and upload the completed file.

Step 1.
Download the import model from the area marked on the screen with the mention “format”.

Step 2.
Complete and then save the XLSX file.
Add the registration number, mileage and attributes of the truck: emission class, number of axles, height, width, length, tank size, consumption.

Step 3.
Upload the completed file.
Select and load the completed file in Kopilot.

  • “Choose file” to load the completed file in Kopilot and to create the vehicles;
  • “Import vehicles” to receive confirmation of their addition.

Pas 4.
Check the import status in Job Status column and if all vehicles have been created successfully.

  • In Total Rows are the no of vehicles from your xlsx file.
  • Inserted displays the number of vehicles created by import.
  • Skipped displays the number of vehicles that could not be created.

:!: To see the import status for each vehicle, download the response files received in the Action column:

  • download the imported file.
  • view the vehicles that were not created and the reason why
  • view the created vehicles
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