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How does Kopilot work?

The Kopilot application allows you, in addition to navigation, to create transport routes in which to correctly estimate fuel costs and tolls.

You add the information about the transport, find out which is the fuel plan with the lowest cost and then send the generated route to the mobile application together with the fuel stations and the necessary quantities of diesel.

The fueling plan helps you identify the stations with the most advantageous price along the route and calculates the quantities that must be fueled based on the fuel prices of the current day.

Advantages and main functionalities

βœ” Fuel prices, updated daily from over 1300 SD DKV stations in Europe.
βœ” Find out the amount of fuel needed for each route and select the fuel plan with the lowest cost.
βœ” Send the route to the driver in the GPS.
βœ” You have a detailed fuel plan for each route with the lowest cost.
βœ” Reduce annual transport costs by up to €5,000 for each truck.
βœ” Calculate tolls
βœ” Maps specially designed for trucks.

πŸ“Œ How to use the Kopilot application

  1. Enter the delivery points and select the route.
  2. Choose the type of truck and enter some additional details about the transport such as: the amount of fuel available in the tank at the beginning of the race, if you want to know what the road taxes are, plus some other details.
  3. Stations, fuel plan and tolls will be added on the chosen route. Together with a detailed report about the entire transport.
  4. Send the route and the fuel plan to the driver.

Application links

Website Kopilot

Kopilot Pro:

  • the link to access the application is:
  • each user can log in using the email and password corresponding to his profile

Kopilot GPS:

  • can be used on devices with Android operating system (phone and tablet)
  • is available in Play Store as well as in Huawei AppGallery

Play Store

Huawei AppGallery

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