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Road taxes

Kopilot quickly and easily calculates the costs for road taxes on all European roads and highways based on the characteristics of the truck, the trailer and the chosen route.

In Kopilot you can also see a detailed overview of all kilometers paid for each country transited, as well as the service provider (such as HU_GO, DARSGO, Toll Collect, ASFiNAG, ASF, APRR, AREA, …).

In addition to road and highway tolls, the tolls for tunnels and bridges are also displayed when planning routes.

Key features of the Kopilot Road Tax Calculator:
πŸ“Œ Road Tax calculator for the whole of Europe
πŸ“Œ Toll changes made by the authorities or new toll roads are immediately implemented in the Kopilot database
πŸ“Œ Restrictions for permanent or temporary trucks are always taken into account when calculating costs
πŸ“Œ The Kopilot road tax calculator takes into account both truck and trailer attributes:

How to Use the Kopilot Toll Calculator?

Step 1.
Select Vehicle type.
Choose one of your current vehicles or one of the default vehicles from Kopilot:

  • 40t+ truck πŸš›
  • 12-18t truck β›Ÿ
  • 7.5t truck 🚚
  • 3.5t van πŸ›»

Step 2.
Add waypoints: the address, GPS coordinates or directly on the map by touching the desired point and hold for a few seconds until the address appears as waypoint.

Step 3.
Choose Route calculation method.
β‡’ you can choose to configure a route:

  • Short: the shortest possible route in kilometers
  • Fast: the most efficient route taking into account time
  • No tolls: optimizes the costs of the route, taking into account the cost of tolls in the first place.

Step 4.
Calculate Road taxes.
β‡’ for each route you have the possibility to change the parameters of your vehicle (emission class, no. of axles, no. of wheels, weight, height, width) so that the amount of taxes is as accurate as possible.


  • Toll cost: displayed depending on the country transited, as well as the service provider
  • Net and gross amount: shown separately for each country and then as a total

At the bottom of the map, you can find the total distance and duration:

  • Route distance: measure the distance between the points on the map in kilometers
  • Route duration: duration of route in total and splitted in sections including real-time traffic delays if available

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