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Price Manager

Price manager menu allows the selection of fuel stations where the purchase of fuel with the DKV card is allowed and their display (on the map and in the list) with information about location, network, price and discount (if any).

In Price Manageri page you can find:

  • Fuel station locator: Identify the nearest DKV service station in the area;
  • Diesel prices: the purchase price of diesel fuel is displayed for all the stations in the list
  • Discount: in addition to the diesel price, each station also displays the discount (if any).

In this page you can:

  • search for a station in the search bar by name, location or code
  • sort the stations list
  • filter the stations
  • locate fuel stations in the Kopilot map
  • set favorite stations

Filter stations

Step 1. Select the option ⇒ the window Available filters will open
Step 2. In the new window, choose the desired filter from:

  • Country
  • Network
  • Extra services: Adblue
  • Comfort: non-sop

Step 3. Set the preferred way of viewing the stations:

  • Only show favorite stations?
  • Only show stations with discounted fuel prices?

Step 4. Confirm by selecting the button

Set favorite stations

Favorite stations are recommended stations preferentially highlighted on the map. They are listed because they have a discount, a lower price or because their location is preferred by drivers for food and extra services.

Setting a station as favorites can be done:

  • Directly in the map
  • In the station list in the Recommended stations menu

1️⃣ Favorite station setting in Kopilot map

Step 1. Open Price manager menu and choose

Step 2.
Identify the desired station on the map.
⇒ click on its icon to view the location (address and GPS coordinates), code and name, price and discount.

Step 3.
Select “Set as favorite station”“
⇒ the station will appear in the list colored in green

2️⃣Favorite station setting in the station list

Step 1.
Select the desired station from the list by adding a check mark in the box next to the station code.

⇒ the row of the station will be colored green.

Step 2.
Click on the icon
⇒ then confirm the station setting.

Step 3.
After setting:
⇒ the station is colored green in the list.

:!: Deleting a station as a favorite is done in the map by clicking on the station icon and then selecting the option: “Delete favorite”.

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