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Users list

Users list is the menu where you find all active and inactive users listed.
The role that a user can have in Kopilot can be: Driver, Dispatcher or Manager.

In Users list menu you can::

  • add a new user by selecting the icon
  • search for a user based on name,email or car reg number
  • sort the list by name, role, email, phone, status or assigned vehicle.
  • add & view user files
  • edit user
  • associate vehicle
  • delete user

Add user

The steps to add a new user are as follows:

Step 1.
Click on the button
⇒ the Add User window will open.

Step 2.
Add the user information in the opened window: Role, Name, Email, Phone, Password & Status.

  • The username and password added by the dispatcher here for a DRIVER are the ones he will use to log in to the mobile application.
  • Numele utilizatorului si adresa de email trebuie sa fie unice.

Step 3.
Confirm the data by selecting the button

  • The successful addition of a new user is confirmed by the message: “The user has been added successfully”.

Edit user

Modify login data and user information: Role, Name, Email, Phone, Password & Status by selecting the icon:

Associate vehicle

Choose from the drop-down list of all the vehicles in the fleet, the one you want to associate with the user.
The vehicle-driver association is mandatory before adding a route.

Delete user

By selecting the icon, the selected users will be permanently removed.

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