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Using Kopilot, it is possible to add users in 2 ways:

  1. Drivers, dispatchers and managers: by manually entering identification data with Add user option.
  2. Only drivers and dispatchers in the Import users page via xlsx file page..

Add user

Steps for adding a new user are:

Step 1.
Click on the button
⇒ the Add User window will open.

Step 2.
Add the user information in the opened window: Role, Name, Email, Phone, Password & Status.

  • The username and password added by the dispatcher here for a DRIVER are the ones he will use to log in to the mobile application.
  • Numele utilizatorului si adresa de email trebuie sa fie unice.

Step 3.
Confirm the data by selecting the button

  • The successful addition of a new user is confirmed by the message: “The user has been added successfully”.

:!: Examples of situations in which errors may appear when adding a user:

When the added email is already used by another Kopilot user.

When there is already a user with this name.

When the passwords added in the two fields “Password” and “Confirm password” are not identical.

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