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Homepage is a dashboard that includes statistics and information regarding the fueling plans created and in which fuel prices are monitored daily, displaying the cheapest stations where you can fuel.

The elements of the page are divided into:

(1) Statistics

It provides an overview of the most important indicators:

  • Prices updated daily: The prices of the different stations that were updated on the current day.
  • Fuel plans created: Total number of fuel plans generated for all saved routes.
  • Country with the lowest price: The country where the cheapest gas station is located.

(2) Daily evolution of the lowest fuel prices per country

The graph shows the different evolution from one country to another of the lowest price of a liter of diesel.

Statistics are based on daily updated prices for each station.

To view information in the graph:
◾Choose from the drop-down list the country/countries for which we want to make the comparison;
◾Position the mouse cursor on the dotted line next to each day to see the price

(3) Top 10 cheapest diesel stations

Here are listed the 10 cheapest gas stations and the lowest prices per liter of diesel that can be found at stations in Europe using real-time monitoring of fuel prices.

Each station appears with the following details about:
✔️ country
✔️ city
✔️ address
✔️ price

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