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Saved Routes

Saved Routes menu contains the list of all predefined routes created and saved.

Here you have the possibility to set as predefined certain routes / routes that you can then send directly to the mobile application of your drivers.

All routes sent to drivers will appear in Kopilot in the Predefined Routes menu.

Unlike the commands, the predefined routes have only the locations added, without any other information related to the points on the route and the only action on the part of the driver will be to start the navigation.

In Saved Routes menu you can:

  • add a new route by clicking the icon
  • search for a route based on name or ID using the search bar
  • sort the list by ID, Route Name, Total Assigned Drivers or Date added
  • export the list
  • view the last refueling plan
  • edit the route
  • delete the route

View route

By clicking on the icon View route the details of the route can be modified and the Refueling Plan can be recalculated.

Edit route

In Edit route page you can:

  • add new waypoints
  • change the order of the waypoints or delete them by selecting the icons:
  • view the history of all the refueling plans generated
  • recalculate the fueling plan: when you choose view route you have the option to recalculate the fuel plan:

Delete route

Deleting a route is permanent. After deletion, the route will no longer be found in the “Saved routes” menu and will also be removed from the Kopilot mobile application from the list of routes assigned to the driver.

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